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Let My People Go: The Power of Moses, Miriam, and Midwives

Let My People Go: The Power of Moses, Miriam, and Midwives uses the story of the Exodus as an invitation to Christians to uncover God’s call to anti-oppressive liberation. This 6-week study addresses the themes of story, truth, love, connection, faith, and liberation. You will consider perspectives, the four kids of power, media, and solidarity. Let My People Go is created by The Justice and Faith Collective. AVAILABLE IN CHILDREN, YOUTH, & ADULT FORMATS.





It is beautifully designed: aesthetically, practically, and theologically. The theology is rich and bold. The activities are fun and engaging. I’m already dreaming up how we can create videos with young people from diverse backgrounds to read some of the scripts so that leaders have the option of showing videos or leading the teaching portions themselves. It’s so great.” Rev. Melissa Gepford, Intergenerational Discipleship Coordinator, United Methodist Church Great Plains Conference.

CommUNITY Allies Vacation Bible School

Through arts and crafts, movement challenges, music, and more we learn about justice, empathy, community activism, and our global connections. This five-session curriculum can be used in person or for remote learning. Themes include self in others, justice and mercy, sharing the world, connection, and community in action. CommUNITY Allies VBS can be done in person or remotely. It is designed for kids ages kindergarten through 6th grade and has activities that reach both younger and older kids. CommUNITY Allies VBS is created by The Justice and Faith Collective.


“It is fantastic! We spread it out over 5 weeks. The kids have loved the activities and share lots of what they make on Zoom together and on our church FB page. The paper chains and Rube Goldberg were huge hits!” Laura Thornton, St Luke’s Episcopal Church.

“Our kids really got into looking at their books in a new way. Throughout the day, my 5 year old would continue to run up to me with another book he found with a person of color on the cover. Thankful for the opportunity for his growth.” Rev. Jenny Smith, Edmonds United Methodist Church.


Ready to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your organization? Are you or others noticing ways your organization is perpetuating harmful norms or narratives? Justice & Faith Collective can work with your organization to provide training sessions, coaching, and consulting to help you create change.

Justice and Faith Collective can work with you to guide your community through the work of decolonization and transformation. You likely have about 20% of people who are ready to move forward with change, 60% who are open but questioning, and 20% who resist. Oppression is active today so we cannot wait for all to be ready. Justice & Faith Collective can help and we know that change is possible. We offer organizational equity audits, training, coaching, and can customize our services to best meet your needs.

Leading your community in anti-oppression work requires that you and your fellow leaders dig into your work towards liberation and justice. Justice and Faith Collective offers two training tracks to equip you.

Intro to Antiracist Teaching

This 90-minute training session explores race and racism, layers of perspective, power, theological foundations for antiracism work, and practical tips for antiracist teaching. Designed for clergy, staff, and volunteers. Anyone helping to lead the courses you plan to offer would benefit greatly from taking this course.

Foundations for Antiracism Series

A 6-week training network that provides ongoing education, relationship development, and accountability for those leading antiracism work. By building community and developing relationships with those using our curriculum, we will counter the dominant consumptive capitalism model through a non-transactional experience. Get support as you grow and learn together by reflecting, exploring your relationship with privilege and power, develop the will to act, and work on identifying and eliminating inequity in your communities. It will be a brave place to ask questions, a place to recover historical memory and practice de-ideologizing their everyday experience. Develop your lens of antiracism to use in any teaching opportunity. Our goal is to equip you to threaten inequity and create a beloved community. Just as we, the leaders of Justice and Faith Collective, strive to use our privilege and power for good, while also dismantling privilege and inequitable distributions of power, we will ask our network members to do this same work.

The Justice and Faith Collective training series uses both Liberation Psychology and Liberation Theology as a foundation for leading antiracism work within a community. Contact us if you are ready for training.

Liberation coaching

Looking for a companion to join you on your journey around faith, racism, misogyny, 2SLGBTQIA embodiment, activism, or another experience of oppression? Perhaps you are deconstructing your faith and wondering what to do now. Maybe you made a mistake, got called out – or in, and wonder if that makes you a bad person. We are here to walk alongside you as you move towards freedom and transformation. We facilitate the process of identifying, grieving, and reimagining your story.

We live in a culture that tells stories about our history that are not true. America is founded on a belief in and practice of owning human beings. Our earliest leaders committed genocide against the Indigenous people who lived here before white settlers arrived. Faith was used to excuse and rationalize these actions. As a country we still have not confessed these wrongs. People internalize cultural norms even if they do not serve us well. Individualism, perfectionism, binary thinking, and power hoarding are a few examples. Coaching is a place where you can recognize cultural patterns that you want to let go of and begin to find and use your voice. Change starts within!

Ready? Questions? Contact Jennifer@justiceandfaith.com.