Liberation coaching

A liberation coach walks alongside you to aid in the work of decolonization, deconstruction, and transformation. We facilitate the process of identifying, grieving, and retelling your story.

Living in a culture that overvalues some people while undervaluing others makes it difficult to see what is real. That humans are infinitely powerful creatures able to change the world around them. Do you believe you have power? Are you buying into the lie that you are too much or too little? Are you feeling undervalued or overvalued? Are you increasingly aware of racism, sexism, classism, or other forms of oppression that you want to unpack?

White supremacy culture values perfectionism. When we begin to confront systemic injustices we will make mistakes. That is scary. Liberation coaching is a safe place to practice, learn, reflect, and refine so that you use your power to bring liberation to the world.

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