Liberation coaching

Looking for a companion to join you on your journey around faith, racism, misogyny, 2SLGBTQIA embodiment, activism, or another experience of oppression? Perhaps you are deconstructing your faith and wondering what to do now. Maybe you made a mistake, got called out – or in, and wonder if that makes you a bad person. We are here to walk alongside you as you move towards freedom and transformation. We facilitate the process of identifying, grieving, and reimagining your story.

We live in a culture that tells stories about our history that are not true. America is founded on a belief in and practice of owning human beings. Our earliest leaders committed genocide against the Indigenous people who lived here before white settlers arrived. Faith was used to excuse and rationalize these actions. As a country we still have not confessed these wrongs. People internalize cultural norms even if they do not serve us well. Individualism, perfectionism, binary thinking, and power hoarding are a few examples. Coaching is a place where you can recognize cultural patterns that you want to let go of and begin to find and use your voice. Change starts within!

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